Team Review Access

Will Veevers
Will Veevers
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Granting the Permission

In order for a team to run a Team Review, they must have a setting applied to their team within the Settings area of Perspective. To apply this setting, click the cog icon from your main Perspective toolbar, select Manage Teams and then click Edit next to the team you wish to make changes to.

Once inside the team dashboard, you will see a number of settings here. The one you are after is the Team has to complete a Team Review setting. Tick this box and then click Save

Please note your team must have a Team Leader before you can apply this setting.


Once that is added, your Team Leader and any other staff who have been given permission to access Team Reviews can start creating/editing their review. Please refer to this guide for more information.

Who Can Access Team Reviews

Any staff member in the team who is either the team leader, deputy or who has the Can Make Judgements permission applied can contribute to a Team Review. SLT members, or the Team Leader of each team, can also grant users individual permissions to Agree their Team Reviews.

Based on the image below, Mike Wilfred will be able to access the Team Review for this team, as he is the team leader. Jerry Clerk is not the team leader or deputy, so would need the individual permissions, which we will check by clicking on his name.


When you click on someone's name, you are taken to their User Details page. For a user to be able to access the Team Review, they need to have the Can Make Judgements permission ticked, next to the relevant team. For them to publish the content, they must have the Can Agree permission ticked, as shown below.