Resetting Your Password

Will Veevers
Will Veevers
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We've all been there. You're logging into the system for the first time after the summer break, but you need help remembering your password. Luckily, it's easy to set up a new one!

On the Login page, you should see a Forgotten Password option. Click this to get started with the reset process.

You need to enter your email address or username, tick the box to prove you're not a robot, and click Email Reset Link.

Please note that if your email address is linked to multiple accounts, you must use your username to reset the password. 



Once you click the Email Reset Link option, the following message will appear:

If we have found a matching account for the email address or username, then you will receive the email below:



Click Choose a New Password or the text link within the email to be directed to the reset page.


Enter your username or email address in the top field 

Please note that if your email address is linked to multiple accounts, you must use your username to reset the password. 

Enter your password and confirmation of the password. Your password must contain at least eight characters and a mixture of letters and numbers.

Once each field is complete, click Save New Password. If the passwords match and fit the criteria, you will receive a confirmation message.


You can then log in to Perspective with your new password by clicking the Here link.


Common Messages You May See when Resetting Your Password

If you are attempting to reset your Perspective password unsuccessfully, you should receive one of the below messages. The below guidance will explain what they mean and how to rectify the issue.

If you see the above error, it means that the link you are using to reset the password has expired, already been used, or been used unsuccessfully too many times. If you see the term invalid token, you must request a new reset link by clicking Forgotten password? on the login screen again before entering your details.

Your password must be at least eight letters long and cannot contain certain obvious or common words. These include 'test', 'perspective', 'password' or anything related to your name (such as 'Wendy123').

The above error will appear if your email address is linked to multiple user accounts. If you see this, please contact our support team on 0845 129 7197.

The password you entered does not match the one in the confirmation box below. Please check both passwords you have entered and ensure they match exactly.