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Will Veevers
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Watchsted is our unique Ofsted intelligence tool, designed in order to give your school everything you need when that dreaded call arrives! 

Want to sneak a look at your inspectors previous inspection grades? Or visualise and download your census data infographic to use as evidence? You can do it all from your Watchsted dashboard.

You can access Watchsted by clicking on Watchsted in your main Perspective toolbar.  

Using the tabs along the top and the options on the dashboard, you can;

  • Search for an inspector and take a peek at their inspection history.
  • Keyword search main findings and recommendations to see what inspectors are saying about a particular area.
  • View a map of the latest 100 inspections for schools by phase.
  • Visualise your census data by importing your XML file into our infographic generator.
  • View analysis charts for the latest inspections or inspections by local authority, school type or date.
  • View a word cloud to see the most commonly used words in Ofsted inspections to date.
  • Download your SEF, Development Plan, Evidence files and Evidence base (Full Perspective Customers only).


Inspector Search

Click Inspector Search on your Watchsted toolbar or dashboard to navigate to the Inspector Search page. Here you will get great insight into the mind of your inspector. Check out their previous inspection data to see their key findings from historic inspections.


Click on the name of an inspector to access their Inspector Profile.




You can use the tabs on this page to view their main findings, recommendations and a map of where the inspections took place. You can also download the inspection report, by clicking the PDF button on the right-hand side.

Use the drop-down menu in the Total Inspections title to switch between inspections under the current framework (2019 EIF) or inspections under the old framework (pre-EIF).

Map of Recent Inspections

This area shows you a map of the country and displays recent inspections as pins on the map. As this is a recent inspections map, it will only show the latest 100 published inspections that took place across the country.

Click on a pin to view more detail about the inspection.



The analysis area of Watchsted shows the spread of judgements for the latest 100 inspections, depending on school type. You can change the school type by using the drop-down menu on this page. You can also view a benchmark comparison which allows you view more detailed analysis for inspections based on LAs and regions, for various school types and date ranges. Simply use the drop-down menus at the top of each table to view results for different criteria.

Please note that the analysis currently contains the latest 100 inspections under the old framework (pre-EIF). We'll include EIF inspections within our analysis once a more substantial number of inspections under this new brand framework have been published.


Keyword Search

The Keyword Search allows you to search the inspection database for key terms. This is really useful if there's an area of particular interest to you. 

If you search for a term that is too generic, then you may be prompted with a message asking you to refine the search, or confirm you are happy to wait. Once the search is complete, all inspections containing your keyword will be shown for you to view.

Word Cloud

The Word Cloud is a tool that displays keywords from the main findings and recommendations of all latest inspection frameworks. You can filter your results for school type and particular grades and the cloud will update with new words from the inspections in the criteria you selected.