Visualise Census

Will Veevers
Will Veevers
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You can create an Infographic for census data for your school. This is a graphical representation of the data held within your census file, and it can be created by simply uploading your census .xml file into Perspective.

The data that is contained within the Infographic will vary depending on what census file you upload, as the Autumn and Summer census returns does not contain as much information as the Spring census return.  

To access the census import, click on Tools > Infographics.  

Simply upload the same XML census file you return to either your Local Authority or DfE in January, May or October.

The school census file can be retrieved from your MIS (e.g.SIMS).  When you export your file, the file name should look similar to this:

[LA Number][DfE Number]_SC1_[LA Number]LL16_004.XML

Once you have uploaded the census file, you will need to click Visualise. This will generate an in-depth view of the school census. It will look similar to the image below.

By default, it will give you a basic overview of the census. However, if you click Expand, it will show more information.  

Please ensure that you click on the Print button as this information isn't stored in the system. If you are using Google Chrome, you can change your printer destination, and save it as a PDF.