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Will Veevers
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Your Document Pool in Perspective has various purposes, depending on how involved with Perspective your Local Authority chooses to be. This guide refers to the school-side document pool. For information on the Local Authority data side of things, check out this guide.

You can access the document pool by hovering over Documents and clicking Document Pool.

Down the left-hand side, you will see several folders. Some of the files you can see in the screenshot below may or may not be visible, as the visibility of files and folders depends on your permissions.

Document Pool basic shot.PNG

Data Folder

This folder is designed so that you can upload data such as FFT, Raise Online and School MIS information. Information in this folder can be accessed at any time, and it can be linked to modules such as the SEF. This folder is only accessible to users that are in the SLT team.

Doc Pool Data Folder.PNG

Evidence Folder

Within this folder, you will have a subfolder for each section of the SEF. This is ideal for uploading supporting evidence. Evidence uploaded via the Self Evaluation > Make Judgements area of the system is automatically added to the relevant subfolder here. You can then easily link documents/images to the SEF without re-uploading them. This folder is only visible to SLT members with access to the SEF.

Doc Pool Evidence Folder.PNG

Performance Mgmt Public Folder

This folder is public; therefore, its contents can be accessed by all staff. The files you add to this folder will be visible to a reviewer on the Introduction page when they conduct a performance review. Only SLT can upload documents here.

The image above shows the files uploaded to the Performance Management Public folder. As you can see from the below image, those folders have automatically become available within the Your School's Performance Management Documents area of the review process.

School Documents

The school documents folder is designed for your SLT only and allows you to upload more secure documentation about the school, which you may not want to share with all staff.

Team Folders

Depending on what teams have been set up in your account, there will be a folder for each.  All members of staff that are part of that team will be able to access documents uploaded to the corresponding team folder. If a standard user is not part of the team, they won't be able to access its contents, and they will need to be added to the team by a member of the SLT or the Team Leader of the relevant team.

SLT users won't be able to add standard users to the SLT team. Only the Headteacher can do this.

Shared Folder

All members of staff can see the contents of the shared folder. Documents can only be uploaded to the Shared Folder by members of the SLT.

Creating a Folder

When in the Documents Pool, you will see an Add Folder option. Clicking this will create a sub-folder in the folder that you have currently selected. This feature is used to keep folders and documents organised.

Give your new folder a name and description, and click Save. The page will then refresh, and your folder will be created underneath the parent folder you selected.

Add Link

You can link users to an external website or keep a record of a useful site for yourself by clicking on the Add a Link button. Give the link a name, link the website and give it a description. The page will refresh, and your link will be created underneath the selected parent folder. Clicking the link will redirect you to the URL you specified.

Add Document

You should use this option to upload a file or document to a specific folder. Make sure you select the correct destination folder and then click Add Document. You will then be prompted to give a description of the file you are uploading. You will need to browse your PC for the file you want to upload. Once complete, that file will be held within the parent folder you specified.